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Better Sleep Weighted Blanket


  • Adult Sized – Our blanket is filled with glass beads to create an even, comfortable weight and making it softer and more breathable.
  • 100% Cotton –  Hand wash in cold water and hang dry is the recommended way for cleaning. Or it can be put in a duvet cover!
  • Naturally Calming – Acting as an all-natural sleep aid, a weighted blanket is meant to simulate a gentle hug, which can reduce your tossing and turning by 95%.
  • Perfect for those who suffer from anxiety while still having benefits for those with insomnia, ADHD and autism.


Size Variations:

  • Single – 130X200 ( 6.3Kg)
  • Double – 200X200 (9.1Kg)
  • Queen – 230X200 (11Kg)
  • King – 230X220 (12Kg)
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