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Taroma Solar Power Bank 26800 mAH


  • Large Battery Capacity – 26800mAh battery.
  • Wireless Charging – Supports wireless charging and eliminate the need to carry charger cables with you. Make sure your phone is compatible with wireless charging.
  • Adapter Charging – Can be charged fully in around 16 hours with 5V/2A adapter. It can charge the iphone7 up to 7 times and the Samsung Galaxy S10 up to 4.5 times. A fantastic choice when you need an emergency power source! 
  • Solar Charging – It is recommended to use the solar charging feature as an emergency back-up solution. After a full day of charging in the sun, it fills up the average phone up to around a quarter of battery life.
  • Super Bright Led Emergency Flashlight – 18 LED light on the backside of the power bank provide great illumination (long-press the power button to turn the light on). The Flashlight also includes an SOS international distress signal. A great choice for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Sturdy and Durable – The power bank is made of premium ABS fireproof materials and a lithium polymer battery. It is IP66 waterproof compliant and is dust proof, as well as shockproof.
  • Fast-Charging Capability – Equipped with micro and type C inputs, 3 outputs (3.1A) and wireless charging capability. 3.1 amp output charges your devices much faster than the standard 1 amp output.
  • Alluminum Alloy Heat Sink – Prevents the device from getting overly hot or heat-damaged

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