Better Sleep Cooling Bamboo Comforters


  • ATC System ( adaptive temperature control system) – Designed to create slow heating and fast cooling. Our Better Sleep Cooling Bamboo Comforters stay at a constant temperature.
  • 100% Cooling Bamboo Fabric – Bamboo viscose fabric is extra soft with a silk-like feel and is cool to touch.
  • Hollow Microfiber –  The hollow centre traps air and helps to provide a lofty duvet filling. Hollowfibre bedding is very light, making a comfortable choice.
  • Moisture-absorbing – It has a moisture-absorbing bamboo cover that has great ventilation and dries out very quickly.
  • Washing Machine Friendly – Wash on a gentle cold cycle.

Size Variations:

Single 130x200cm
Double 200x200cm
Queen 230x200cm
King 230x220cm

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