Better Sleep B1 Portable Baby Sound Machine with Recorder


  • 8 high quality sounds – 3 lullabies, white noise, in utero heartbeat, rain, shushing and a customizable voice recording.
  • 30 second voice recorder – parents can now record a personalized message for baby, like mum singing or a quick story
  • Voice sensor – smart voice sensor detects baby’s cry at 70dl and plays the customized recording followed by a lullaby to help soothe baby back to sleep.
  • Easy to use – four easy timer options allowing you to play for indefinitely or for fifteen, thirty or forty-five minutes.
  • Compact design – small in size. USB cable included for charging the device.
  • Portable – includes a ring for hanging and a small brace for free standing capability. Easy to use in the car or hang from a nappy bag.
  • Includes a 6-month warranty,

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GTIN: 0781159276729